• Central control systems (RSY-D)

    ECS engineering develops and supplies dispatching control systems used at the electrodispatching centers of the Slovak Railways. The concept builds on an older generation of systems originally developed by Slovak Railways internally. Today's RSY-D control systems are based on PC networks. Their performance, functions and user comfort fully meet the requirements for control quality of large technological systems. Their main advantage is the vast number of functions developed specifically for the needs of Slovak Railways, including compatibility with both new and older technological equipment of remotely controlled stations.

    Each RSY-D system consists of several modules, of which the following are the most important:

    • Communication unit – connection to controlled stations through transmission paths
    • Data concentrator – data preprocessing (manages different communication protocols, data formats, etc.)
    • Central unit – core computing part of the system
    • HMI module – user interface (includes also large electronic display panel)
    • Syslog module – event logging and subsequent processing

    All components except the electronic display panel are backed up, and the back-up system can instantly replace the master system by simply selecting backup system on KVM switch. The design of the system depends on the application and the user's requirements. A typical solution is a construction in two 19" racks installed in a technological room, while only the user interface and the electronic display panel are installed in the control room.

  • Substation control systems (RSS)

    Our substation control systems (RSS) are used to control the traction supply and switching stations. The systems consist of a PC-based control unit connected through LAN with various accessories – typically operators workstation (HMI) and protection relays monitoring system. The system supports variety of communication protocols to communicate with technology units such as switchgear controllers, protections relays, protection terminals, remote control terminals, etc.
    The RSS controls and optimizes the technological process of the station and is designed for cooperation with the dispatching control system RSY-D. Design-wise, the system is typically installed in a 19" rack.

    rss1 rss2
  • Remote control terminals (TDR)

    TDRs were designed as a stand-alone control system for smaller electrical stations or as control sub-system in more complex applications. TDRs have two optically insulated hardware levels:

    • process level, which consists of process units with modular concept. For each process unit on this level there are available universal input/output modules and also specialized blocks for the control of disconnector drives; and
    • control level, which is nowadays set-up as PC based control panel with user interface, communication channels and control functions (most installations have only one control panel on this level).

    The product's innovative features include:

    • Remote configuration and monitoring
    • Compact design and minimal space requirement (especially on the control level)
    • Adaptable topology of units on the process level allowing efficient layout of the power lines connected to the motor drives
    • Operator-accessible unit (control panel) is optically insulated from the units on the process level
    • Despite the modern concept, the system is still compatible with the older devices used by Slovak Railways (ZTV, ZKT)
    tdr1-CX2 tdr2-CB1
  • Motor drives for disconnectors (EP01-DP)

    The control of disconnectors in substations and more specifically control of section disconnectors of overhead lines, is one of the most important features of controlling power supplies of electrified railway lines. Disconnector drives are the critical link in the control chain with a significant impact on the success of the whole control process. This fact has led us to develop our own electric drive which specifically takes into account the characteristics required for overhead line disconnectors.

    Characteristics of EP-01 drive:

    • Use of friction clutch to adjust maximum stroke force (up to 1800 newtons)
    • Adjustable stroke up to 0,2meters
    • High speed (4seconds for maximum stroke)
    • Low weight (15kilograms)
    • Easy access to all adjustable elements
    • Compatibility with all types of control devices used for disconnector drives by Slovak railways (ZTV/ZKT/TDR)
    ep01_1 ep01_2
  • Fault protection relays for DC circuits

    Digital protection relay for DC traction circuits (FPDC) combines selected protection, control and communication functions suitable for quick replacement of existing electromechanical protections units used in traction supply and switching stations.

    The FPDC can be used as:

    • Overcurrent protection of feeder's circuit breaker in DC traction
    • Overcurrent protection of the DC side of the rectifier groups in combination with overcurrent protection of the AC side
    • Earth-fault protection acting on the potential difference between the protective earthing system and the reference earthing
    • Intelligent terminal for remote control
    fpdc1 fpdc2

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