• Designs and Engineering

    Electrical equipment design is one of the core activities of our company. ECS engineering is authorized to design in investment construction as well as to design selected electrical equipment for Slovak Railways.

    The company provides design and engineering services specifically for remote control of technological process of power supply for electrified railway lines and for substation control systems.

  • Installations

    Our success in the area of product supply and installation can be attributed to effective management skills, experience gained from previous several major projects and thorough knowledge of the industry.

    The company's installation activities are focused on areas in which our employees have years of experience. These include large technological units of electrical stations, their control systems and equipment ECS engineering manufactures.

  • HW & SW Development

    The company's product development is focused primarily on improvement of our own existing products – control systems and drives for disconnectors. Most of our product development thus consists of software development. Smaller but equally important capacities are devoted to development of hardware and mechanical design.

    The company has a separate department focused on providing outsourcing services, in which we leverage our experience and know-how from internal software development. We serve both local and international customers. Our developers have experience with wide range of modern technologies ranging from Amazon Web Services to Tomcat-based application servers and database solutions based on Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, H2 or Derby. We are fluent in Java, C/C++, C#, SQL, JavaScript, Delphi and OpenGL. We develop multi-platform software for both Windows and Linux using Visual Studio, Delphi and Eclipse while keeping our costs low by using Open Source Software tools such as MinGW, Jenkins, bugzilla, docker and git.


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